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- Inventory Management
Manage storing products, all stock operations
- Sale Management
POS software run on devices: PC, All in one, Android tablet and mobile
Data synchronization between POS devices and server, generate sale summary, profit and loss reports
- Human resource management
Manage full information of human resources in enterprise
Logging training, activities of staff
Logging time clock
Calculate monthly salary
- Accounting
Support accountant accomplishes full accounting operations
Processing all data from other modules in debt bills
- Manufacture management
Manage all manufacture operations in factories: forecast revenue -> planning -> run plans -> import products -> Calculate and push material and manufacture cost to accounting
- Apartment Renting management
Manage all operations in building including renting, services,...
- VJS provides software outsourcing services on:
.NET: C#, ASP.NET, SIlverlight
Java: Spring, Hibernate
Database: SQL Server, MySQL
- Setup Seed ERP for Hoa Huong Duong company (HHD)
HHD is top 1st milk tea trademark in Vietnam with over 30 shops. We setup Inventory, Sale, Human resource, Accounting management successfully for HHD and POS at all shops.
- Setup Seed ERP for Gia Thinh Phat company (GTP)
GTP is top milk tea material manufactory in Vietnam. We setup Inventory, Sale, Human resource, Manufacture, Accounting management successfully for GTP with about 100 users.
- Setup Sale management for Bubbly company
Bubbly is milk tea trademark in Vietnam with over 20 shops. We setup Sale management successfully for Bubbly and POS at shops.
- Develop custom software for Tax Agency in Ho Chi Minh city
VJS develops custom software for Tax agency in order to enhance its tax, land renting. System is used by Headquarter and 24 Brand in 24 districts.
VJS is young Software Development Company, team of enthusiastic, young engineers. We are proud of our product Seed ERP, full management system for enterprise on Inventory, Sale, Employee, Accounting and Manufacture...